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“Karl is that rare teacher who can work with beginners and make them forget whatever insecurities they may have, yet has the advanced knowledge and abilities to help advanced players up their game as well. And his real world experience provides a wealth of examples of how to approach gigging and handling oneself in a professional manner. Styles, technique, practicing concepts, method-book work…Karl’s approach is all encompassing and rooted in the advancements of drumming’s great innovative instructors.” 

Adam Budofsky – Managing Editor Modern Drummer 

“Karl Latham. I can’t think of any drummer I’ve worked with over the years who is as comfortable in the recording studio as he is in a Broadway pit orchestra, casino lounge, concert hall, A-list jazz club, university classroom, or on a festival stage. It’s the combination of experience, versatility, taste and unbridled energy that makes him a first call drummer across multiple genres, and it’s is love of sharing and humanity that make him the top of the list for drum students of all levels. Karl is The Man! You dig?” 

Howard Paul – President Benedetto Guitars 

“Karl is an incredible educator – inspiring, enthusiastic, and dedicated. He’s amazing at tailoring his lessons to the specific needs of each individual student, providing a combination of foundational technique with creative approaches to the drum set. I’ve witnessed his pedagogical prowess with students at Drew University, and also with my eight year old son, Joshua. In both instances, he excels. I’m not sure who has more energy, Karl or my son, but they work well together! I would give Karl my highest recommendation!” 

Jim Saltzman PhD – Professor Manhattan School of Music 

“Karl has been a friend and colleague for many years. He is one of my favorite drummers and the many accomplishments of his students speak to his great abilities as a teacher. Karl is the best!” 

Stan Harrison – Musician/Producer 

“Karl, who I’ve known for 25 years, is a master musician and educator. If you want to take yourself as far as you can go call Karl. Do the work he assigns you with spirit and love, get ready to be happy.” 

David Sokol – Owner Euphoria Studios, NYC 

“I’m a pianist/keyboardist who has worked with Karl many times. The fact that someone of his caliber is even available to teach is amazing. If you are looking for a teacher, look no further than Karl. ” 

Ken Levinsky – Musician/Producer/Educator 

“Master musicianship and teaching excellence !” 

Ivan Hampden Jr. – Musician/Producer/Educator 

“You can’t find a better teacher! Karl can groove in any style, and his students consistently place in top chairs in both classical and jazz honors bands. Come hear him play to get it!” 

Margret Schafer – Director of Bands West Morris Regional High School 

“Karl taught me so much. I remember how happy and excited I felt from the lessons and that I was given all of these new tools to realize my goals. I have taken lessons from other industry professionals, however my time spent with Karl was the most memorable and enlightening.” 

Ryan Krieger. L.A. studio and touring drummer. 

Ryan Krieger – Musician/Producer 


"Studying the New Breed with Karl has been one of the best things I've ever done for my playing in my many years as a professional  drummer and Latin percussionist. There are so many benefits to studying these systems. My timekeeping has improved dramatically, which was my main goal. Another great thing has been improvement in my 4-way coordination. The ideas Karl has given me have inspired many creative applications on multi-percussion as well as the drums. 

I think for anyone who sincerely wants to study the New Breed its vitally important to get with a qualified teacher and Karl Latham is the man! Owning the book is one thing but correctly applying the ideas is quite another. Karl was blessed to have studied with Gary Chester every week for a year and a half. He has mastered the art and the nuances of the systems and can precisely articulate how to approach them. My advice? Study with Karl, do the work and you'll be richly rewarded! "

Dann Sherrill 

Nashville TN

Dann Sherrill is a drummer and Latin percussionist from Nashville. Currently he is busy playing with several bands: powerhouse vocalist Rachel Rodriguez, blues/rock band Damn the Banjos,  Funk/Rock with The Feels, Soul/Jazz/R&B with Total Eclipse, Afro-Cuban band Dann Són, Samba Nashville. Dann has performed with: Mel Tillis, Engelbert Humperdinck, Dr. Hook, Mose Allison and Hayseed Dixie. Nino Segarra, Maelo Ruiz Al Delory.  Oscar Castro Neves, Som Brasileiro, Steve Winwood, Wally Palmar of the Romantics and John Cafferty.



 "Karl is an amazing drum teacher - clear, engaging, intelligent, caring. He works to understand each students' needs and ways of learning and he is also a super human being. Our son Brian took lessons from Karl for years and would travel an hour each way for each lesson. Totally worth it. Karl is the truly the best ."" 

Karen Caine

“Karl is the secret weapon for drumming. No matter what style of music you wish to pursue, Karl knows how to bring you to a much higher, professional level of playing...If you really want to learn, Karl will take you where you want to go in the world of drumming.” David Boisvert 

“Karl enforces versatility in his students, while never neglecting to help them to reach their own musical goals. A mix of discipline, creativity and passion for the instrument  are what I had instilled in me throughout my time taking lessons from Karl.  Karl is always encouraging, but never fails to call out a lackluster practice ethic. I have been very fortunate to have taken lessons from Karl Latham and would recommend any drummer looking to open their horizons to do the same.”  James Carolin 

“Karl expanded my musical vocabulary to many genres, taught me impeccable hand technique (which I’m thankful for always while on long tours), and took my playing to the next level. I’m forever grateful for the time I spent studying with Karl.”  Mike Linardi – Musician/Producer 

“It’s simple. If you want to learn, Karl Latham will teach…Karl is the perfect drum teacher for anyone of any age or skill level. He is the teacher for anyone who might want to play casually or professionally. In all the years that I’ve known him, Karl Latham has been a terrific mentor, teacher, and close friend.” Evan Roque – Musician/Drummer/Drum Tech Joe Russo 

“I came to Karl as an older, advanced player with a professional background and experience across live, recording, classical, jazz, rock and pop situations.  From the first lesson, and exponentially after about the third, my playing and approach was radically altered- and all for the better.  Karl’s experience, manner and practical approach was exactly what I needed to grow as a player and reinvigorate myself as a drummer.  I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to expand their horizons, fill in any weak spots, and realize more of your potential.”   Travis Hudelson 

“Karl has been my teacher (at Drew University) since 2016. He’s a great mentor who understands what I need to develop and helps guide me there. It’s also great to hear about his professional experiences, be it playing live on Broadway, recording at his home studio or touring in Europe. The best part, though, is seeing a master drummer up close, as I’m a music fan as well as a player. It inspires me to strive for constant improvement.”  Andrew McMains 

“Very awesome teacher, very knowledgeable, well worth the time. I don’t know of anyone who has taken lessons with Karl and not improved.”  Brett Ross – Drummer 

“Professor Latham has shown me that with hard work and commitment, I can achieve more than I thought was possible. Most importantly, he taught me how to have fun”  Ricardo Duran/Drew University Graduate 

“Karl is not only a phenomenal player, but the man truly understands how to teach. I learned more for him in one year than i did in the past 7 years of my drumming experience with multiple teachers. Karl is the all around complete package. He can teach almost any style one could wish to learn. He has a great personality, a brilliant mind, and a true understanding of what it means to teach. As for his ability on the drums, all one needs to do is hear him play. I promise you’ll be sold. I recommend Karl highly to anyone with an open mind who wants to learn.”  John Shields – Drummer 

“Studying with Karl took me to the next level musically, his teachings were an invaluable resource even years later as I completed conservatory auditions. Not only does he have a breadth of professional experience to reference, he brings a rare and unwavering enthusiasm to every single lesson…No matter who the student is, Karl makes it his mission lift him or her up both musically and personally. I am still grateful to have had him as a teacher.” Luke Franc/ Frost School of Music/University of Miami Graduate 

“I had studied with local teachers for several years prior, but no lessons I had could have prepared me for what Karl had to offer. Studying with Karl rapidly brought my music reading, coordination and technique to levels I could not have imagined achievable at that age. After studying with Karl for a time, I noticed that I wasn’t just playing notes anymore; I was playing music… I would not be the musician I am today, nor would I be making a living playing music, had it not been for Karl’s dedication to education and his willingness to share his real life experiences as a world-class performing musician.” 

Matt Cunningham Drummer OXZANA   Matt Cunningham/Graduate Mason Gross College 

“I studied with Karl back in the 80’s and it was by far the best decision I’ve ever made musically. Karl completely changed the way I viewed the drums AND the way I listened to music… I’ve studied with other renowned drummers, but in the end, it was Karl’s teachings that I feel made the real difference in my playing. Anyone can teach a few things here and there and call themselves a “teacher”…but having the experience, knowledge and ability to REALLY teach, is a whole different level, and Karl has achieved that level several times over. If you’re serious about the art of drumming, study with Karl, but work hard and keep up with his lessons, don’t slack! He is well aware of what you need to learn, and he doesn’t throw stuff at you for the heck of it!! Be serious!” “Exceptional Educator”  Kevin Huber 

“Karl Latham teaches for the sole pleasure of passing down his love of drumming to the next generation. His teaching styles and immense knowledge of the craft help to improve not only beginning drummers, but also advanced players.  I could not imagine where I would be if it wasn’t for Karl Latham.  For anyone considering a career in drumming, or even to learn just for fun, take lessons from Karl Latham.”  Evan Silberstein/Undergraduate Manhattan School of Music

Karl's Education Background

College and private study

Karl’s formal education:
Rutgers University; Berklee College of Music; B.S.S. Ohio University
Private study with Gary Chester, Joe Morello, Freddie Waits, Michael Carvin

Karl is an Adjunct Professor of Percussion at:

  • Drew University
  • County College of Morris
  • Passaic County Community College